These resources have been curated by Micah Porter, an educator and LGBTQ+ sports advocate, in conjunction with the Sports Equality Foundation and Outsports.

More and more opportunities for scholarships for LGBTQ students and student-athletes are popping up all the time. They can offer financial assistance and guidance to help you find your path to a college education.

These scholarships don’t place heavy weight on your excellence on the field, court, track or ice. Instead, they often place extra value on how you are giving back to your community, how you are improving the lives of other LGBTQ people, or your academic excellence.

So even if you’re not a star athlete, people want to help.

Please note that if you are going to play a sport at an NCAA institution, you should check with your coach or Sports Information Director before accepting any scholarship in relation to your participation in athletics. Policies at the NCAA are shifting in regard to these kinds of scholarships, particularly in relation to areas of diversity and inclusion. And it’s best to be on the safe side to ensure your continued eligibility to participate and compete.

If you have no intention of competing in NCAA sports, there should be no issue in you accepting a scholarship for your high school participation.

Here are some organizations that offer scholarships to LGBTQ+ student-athletes:

Ryan O’Callaghan Foundation
The Ryan O’Callaghan Foundation (ROFDN) exists to provide scholarships, support and mentorship for LGBTQ+ athletes, students and youth. O’Callaghan played football at Cal and in the NFL.

FLAG Flag Football in Boston
The Marc E. Lewis Youth Scholarship is presented annually to a graduating high school student who has made school and/or community sports programs safer for, and more inclusive of, LGBTQ student-athletes, as either a role model or ally.

Team DC
Team DC supports local LGBTQ-identified student-athletes by awarding scholarships to support these impressive leaders as they continue their academic careers.

Ramblers Scholarship for LGBTQI Athletes
The Ramblers, an LGBTQ soccer organization in New York, gives out a scholarship that supports student athletes pursuing an undergraduate education in the U.S. who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI), or who are demonstrated and committed allies to this community.

US Lacrosse LGBTQ+ Inclusion Scholarship
US Lacrosse is now accepting nominations for two LGBTQ+ Inclusion Scholarships aimed at providing financial support to student-athletes who demonstrate positive sensitivity to and involvement in LGBTQ+ issues.

NLGJA Steve Mason Sports Media Scholarship
Applicants must be planning to pursue a career in journalism and be able to demonstrate their passion and commitment to sports journalism as a profession.

Here are some organizations that offer non-sports related scholarships to LGBTQ+ students, whether they are in sports or not:

Point Foundation
Point Foundation offers scholarship opportunities for LGBTQ students based on various criteria, including: A proven track record of leadership and community involvement, strong academic achievement, working for the betterment of the LGBTQ community and financial need.

Stonewall Foundation Scholarships
For nearly 15 years, Stonewall Foundation has partnered with donors to create scholarships that provide unique opportunities and access to education, both in New York City and throughout the country.

Human Rights Campaign list of scholarships
HRC provides a list of scholarships, fellowships and grants for LGBTQ and allied students at both the undergraduate and graduate-level.