These resources have been curated by Micah Porter, an educator and LGBTQ+ sports advocate, in conjunction with the Sports Equality Foundation and Outsports.

The coming-out experience can be incredibly scary for young LGBTQ people. Yet it can also be a daunting journey for the parents, guardians, and family members. Whether they’re supportive and understanding or scared and upset, parents and guardians are a huge part of the coming-out process. And they don’t always know where to turn.

Luckily, millions of parents across the United States and around the world have been on this journey. And much like young LGBTQ people love inspiring and educating one another, many of these parents want to help other parents who might just now be coming to this conversation.

If you are a parent or guardian who suspects their child might be LGBTQ, or whose child has come out to you, here are some resources that can help you navigate conversations and build support for your child.

Some of them are organizations designed to help, and others are specific resources and articles. If one doesn’t hit the mark for you, be sure to keep looking. You’ll find someone who can help you.

LGBTQ+ & Athletics Teen Toolkit
Here you will find a list of updated and ongoing LGBTQ+ resources for educators, coaches, school administrators, parents, and the community compiled by public school educator and LGBTQ+ sports advocate Micah Porter. Micah has been a public school educator, teacher, coach, Athletic Director, and Principal for three decades.

My Kid Is Gay
A first-of-its-kind digital presence, inclusive of videos, advice, and resources, dedicated exclusively toward helping parents understand their LGBTQ children. My Kid Is Gay sources voices from across the world to help answer the many questions that parents (and family members, and even teachers) have about the LGBTQ young people in their life.

PFLAG Reading List Resources
This reading and resource list from PFLAG is an excellent starting point in a family’s coming-out journey. Many of the titles listed cover the process both for those who are navigating a new lifetime of being out and proud, and their significant others, friends, families, and allies as well.

If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises from a Christian Pastor/Parent
A personal blog to guide Christian families and parents as to how to best support LGBTQ+ children.
Support Resources for Families of Gender Diverse Youth. Having a gender diverse child can be very stressful for parents and caregivers, as they deal with uncertainty and navigate schools, extended families, sibling relationships, and the world around them. There are several national and international organizations that support families with gender diverse children, as well as excellent books. Many parents and siblings also find it helpful to meet with a mental health care professional or other families in a support group setting.

GLSEN’s – “Game Plan for Parents”
This is a research brief from GLSEN that provides basic guidance for parents as to how they can support LGBTQ student-athletes on their own, working with others, and leading change in culture and policies.

American Library Association
This is a list of resources, guides, community forums, and organizations to help families and parents as they support their LGBTQ+ children and family members. Counseling, mental health supports, educational materials and toolkits are some of the resources provided by the ALA.


Here are some sites and links that contain personal experiences and challenges that others in the LGBTQ+ community have shared. These sites contain meaningful examples as to how others have overcome the many obstacles in order to thrive in today’s society.

I’m from Driftwood

When I Came Out

Everyone is Gay

A Letter From One Dad to Another