These resources have been curated by Micah Porter, an educator and LGBTQ+ sports advocate, in conjunction with the Sports Equality Foundation and Outsports.

Many LGBTQ athletes and coaches have a strong desire to connect with other LGBTQ people in sports, either before or after they start their coming-out journey.

Building networks of people in sports has been a main focus of both Outsports and the Sports Equality Foundation.

Here are some ways you can connect, get involved and build your own network of support within the LGBTQ sports community.

Share your story on Outsports
Outsports has told the coming-out and being-out stories of around 1,000 different LGBTQ people in sports over its 20+ years of publication. Every story helps inspire others to be their true selves, and everyone who shares their stories connects with others. As we say at Outsports, #CourageIsContagious.

Create a video of your journey
Whatever your journey looks like, you can create a video or series of videos on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok or wherever you choose. People get inspired hearing the journeys of others, and video is a great way to connect.

LGBTQ sports social-media community
There are various ways to follow and connect with LGBTQ people across sports, namely through the networks built by Outsports and the Sports Equality Foundation.

Find an Advocate – connect with a K-12 LGBTQ+ sports advocate for advocacy and connection
If you want to connect with someone in K-12 sports for support, or to get involved with advocacy, please fill out the below contact form (or click here) and someone from the Sports Equality Foundation will get in touch with you.