The recent increase in out LGBTQ pro wrestlers continued this week when southeast U.S. independent wrestling standout “Kung-Fu” Donnie Janela celebrated his birthday by coming out publicly as pansexual.

Janela’s announcement came via Twitter Monday accompanied by an image of the pansexual Pride flag. “I figured today on my [birthday] is a better time than ever to do this. I’m Pansexual,” Janela said. “People who know me, this isn’t gonna surprise, but finally being able to say it out loud is a weird weight that’s removed from my chest.”

The Alabama-based Janela is widely known throughout the southeast U.S. with notable appearances in both Action Wrestling and New South Pro Wrestling, where the martial arts bad boy previously held the heavyweight and tag team championships.

Janela also notched appearances with Game Changer Wrestling and All Elite Wrestling in the past calendar year. He is also one of the most decorated champions in Pro South Wrestling history.

Outsports congratulates Janela for having the power to embody his identity and show that Courage Is Contagious.