Sheena Lawrick has been an out gay woman for over 15 years.

Playing softball for the Univ. of Nebraska and Team Canada at the Summer Olympic Games, Lawrick was simply living her life.

Yet it isn’t until now, on my latest episode of the Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast, that she has sat down with someone in the media for the first time to talk about being gay.

“I have been out since I was 18 years old, roughly 2002,” she says. “I guess I just kind of flew under the radar.”

She shares her experiences in and around the highest levels of softball, including both winning a bronze-medal match at the World Championships and losing a bronze-medal match at the Olympic Games.

Plus she opens up about building a family through fertility treatments, and why carrying her child means so much to her.

It’s in part because of her love of family that she decided to not make a run at competing in the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games later this year, given the immense commitment to training, and time away from her family, that aiming for Olympic gold takes.

Still, she’ll be cheering for Team Canada this summer.

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