Ring of Honor play-by-play announcer Ian Riccaboni put some heart into April Fools Day last week with the close of his Cameo charity fundraiser benefiting Allentown, Pa.’s Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center.

Riccaboni’s campaign, which ran from his birthday (Jan. 13) to his wife’s birthday (April 1), culminated in a $405 donation that Riccaboni rounded up to $500 with a personal contribution.

“I appreciate all of your requests and had a ton of fun doing these. It was great to meet some new folks,” Riccaboni said. “I encourage you to try to do something nice for someone that is not expecting it each day.”

The Cameo campaign marks the third consecutive year that Riccaboni has raised money for Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center. The Allentown-native hasn’t been shy about using his profile within pro wrestling to be an effective ally for local LGBTQ populations and the wider LGBTQ community.

In a statement to Outsports, Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center executive director Adrian Shanker thanked Riccaboni for both the financial contribution and his “interest in standing up to homophobia in professional sports.”

“As Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, the unrestricted funds that Ian raised go a long way to ensure our ability to meet our community’s evolving needs, and we are so grateful for his support,” Shanker told Outsports.

“But even more important than the actual dollar amount raised, we are continuously impressed at Ian’s interest in standing up against homophobia in professional sports. His public support for our organization helps to change the image of pro wrestling and makes it clear that there is no place in professional sports for anti-LGBTQ attitudes.”