Here they are, this week’s winners and losers in LGBTQ sports! They’re able to go around mask-free now because they’re fully vaccinated. Anyone refusing to be vaccinated, sorry: you’re with this week’s losers.

Losers: NCAA gives LGBTQ orgs another wishy-washy answer on denying championships to trans ban states


The NCAA responded to GLAAD and Athlete Ally with more banalities.

Winners: LGBTQ orgs put pressure on NCAA to deny championships to trans ban states

The heads of GLAAD and Athlete Ally teamed-up to challenge NCAA governors to “do what’s right” for transgender athletes.

Winners: WNBA at 25: Why it matters to me

A fan’s perspective on why this league has survived and thrived.

Winner: Steve Kornacki gets full-time gig on NBC’s NFL coverage

Steve Kornacki.

A well-deserved promotion for a media star who is also openly gay.

Winners: A record 9 trans athletes are aiming for the Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games

At least nine trans athletes are hoping to earn a spot in Tokyo as the first-ever group of out trans Olympians and Paralympians.

Winner: Tennis player and now coach blossomed after coming out as gay

Scott Strough.

‘Being out … has allowed me to truly find a community within the game of tennis,’ Scott Strough says.

Winner: Coach Digit Murphy breaks silence about leaving Womens Sports Policy Working Group

Toronto Six president and head coach Digit Murphy.

Toronto Six Head Coach Digit Murphy drops her support of the Working Group after pushback from trans inclusion advocates.

Winner: USWNT stars Sam Mewis and Lynn Williams acknowledge previous shortcomings when it comes to LGBTQ support

In an interview, Mewis and Williams reflected on previous conversations about gay pride with their teammates on the North Carolina Courage.

Winners: Bodybuilder Siufung Law joined Amazin LeThi for AAPI Heritage Month chat on Instagram Live

Bodybuilder Siufung Law, left, and Amazin LeThi

Amazin LeThi is hosting a series of Outsports Instagram Live conversations for AAPI Heritage Month.

Winner: Layshia Clarendon and her partner explain why they use gender-neutral pronouns with their child

Clarendon says they want to allow their child to chart their own path in life.

Winner: Pit lane crash slowed, but didn’t stop racer Charlie Martin’s Britcar momentum

Charlie Martin.

Charlie Martin and Jack Fabby put up a first-race podium at a soggy Snetterton, but a race 2 melee dented a strong effort.

Winner: Megan Rapinoe on politics and You Know Who

Megan Rapinoe

The out lesbian soccer star tells Caitlyn Jenner: “You were an exceptional athlete. You’re not an exceptional politician.”

Winners: All the gay news you missed from last weekend’s WoSo championships

Portland, Chelsea, and Barcelona all won big last weekend.

Loser: UFC fighter Donald Cerrone’s ‘gay lovers’ line adds to his history of homophobic comments

Donald Cerrone

During the UFC on ESPN 24 media day on Wednesday, Cerrone referred to former UFC fighter Diego Sanchez and Sanchez’s coach, Joshua Fabia, as ‘gay lovers’ pejoratively.

That’s all for this week! I’ll bring you another list of winners and losers next Saturday, and we promise to put Caitlyn Jenner “on mute” for as long as we can. Got a name I missed, or want to challenge my choices? Comment here or on Facebook or Instagram, tweet at us, message me via any social media, or just plain email me at [email protected] Thanks!