As people look to gather again coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Outsports will be highlighting and celebrating gay and LGBTQ-friendly sports bars.

For years these places have brought together fans for a big game, to shoot some pool, or just to hang out with friends. Some of them are huge spaces while others are small neighborhood watering holes.

To be sure, “what exactly is a sports bar” is a good question. There are plenty of places that will broadcast the Super Bowl. Defining what is a sports bar is more art than science.

We’re looking for spots where broadcasting sports are a mainstay, and you’re likely to run into sports fans and athletes fresh from their local flag football game.

Some of these places — like Nellie’s in Washington, D.C., or Gym Sportsbar in New York — are specifically designed for gay and LGBTQ sports fans. Other places — like Rocco’s in Los Angeles — have a broader appeal but make broadcasting sports a constant part of the environment.

So share with us in the comments below where you like to spend your time watching games with your gay and LGBTQ friends!