Olympian, TV reality show celebrity and candidate for governor of California Caitlyn Jenner said she had no further interest in politics and supported the rights of trans female athletes to compete in girls’ and women’s sports, in an interview recorded for an April 2020 episode of the Outsports podcast The Trans Sporter Room.

“Politics is something I don’t talk about any longer,” Jenner told co-host Dawn Ennis, the managing editor of Outsports, in the previously unpublished clip from their telephone interview last year.

“I think every trans person, if they’re into athletics, should have an opportunity to compete and to improve themselves. I think sports is such a great way to learn a lot about yourself. And yeah, I want to, hopefully they’ll have the opportunity in the future to do whatever they can do. I’m all for it. I’m all for it.”

Times sure have changed. Last week, Jenner told TMZ, “I oppose biological boys who are trans competing in girls’ sports in school,” claiming, “It’s just isn’t fair.”

This week’s new episode of The Trans Sporter Room plays the exclusive clip for the first time since that interview. Jenner friend, Dr. Bethany Grace Howe, a beneficiary of her largesse, joins Ennis and co-host Karleigh Webb to react to Jenner’s flip-flop. As someone who knows Jenner better than most other out transgender people, Dr. Howe says she thinks her friend is doing anything she can to be relevant again.

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