Pride month 2021 is only a few days young, but the celebratory and freeing nature June presents for LGBTQ folks delivered an immediate impact within LGBTQ pro wrestling circles.

A still-growing number of pro wrestlers came out publicly for the first time in the first two days of Pride month, representing a diverse collection of LGBTQ identities in the process.

Here is every pro wrestler (to our current knowledge) that pulled up a chair to the LGBTQ family’s dinner table:

Danger Kid

One half of the celebrated tag team Maine State Posse (MSP), Danger Kid announced they identify as pansexual, non-binary and genderfluid in a soul-baring statement Tuesday. “To reach my full potential and maximize my happiness I need to free myself from the hold society has had on me all these years,” they said.

Danger Kid’s statement comes a few months after their tag team partner, Aiden Aggro, came out as pansexual. The two are staples in promotions throughout the northeast U.S. and are set to wrestle at No Peace Underground’s Fear The Gay Agenda event on June 11.

Sandra Moone

The Party Hard Party Monster champion and Paradigm Pro Wrestling regular came out as pansexual on Wednesday. “I have felt this way for a few years, and figured it was time to address it,” Moone said.

Moone regularly wrestles alongside her Simp For The Business squadmates in Versus Pro Wrestling, FSW Vegas, Paradigm Pro Wrestling and has appeared for Hoodslam in the past as well.

Toni Storm

Toni Storm

Former WWE NXT UK Women’s champion Toni Storm came out as bisexual in an Instagram story on WWE NXT’s official Instagram account. “So, when it was announced that I would be taking over the Instagram for Pride month, I noticed a lot of people were like, ‘Toni, are you an ally? Are you in the community,’” Storm said. “Well, now’s a good time to say, well, both. I’m an ally and I can’t exactly say that I’m straight.”

“I’m bi and it feels good to say it,” She continued. “It’s something I’ve been really comfortable with for a long time. I just never expressed it.” The official WWE NXT Twitter account released the video of Storm’s coming out announcement with a message of support. “A member of the community and an ally. Thank you for sharing this with us, Toni Storm. We couldn’t be more proud,” the company said.


“The Savior of Rose City” brought some PDX flare to the affair when he came out as bisexual Tuesday in a tweet reflecting on how to be an example to his unborn daughter.

“I’ve been back and forth on this since high school, but over the years I’ve come to know a lot of folks that have shown me that it is okay to accept and be proud of who you are,” Jaiden said. “I want my little girl to grow up unafraid to express herself, that means I need to be as well.”

Jaiden regularly appears for Without a Cause, Paradigm Pro Wrestling and DOA Pro Wrestling, where he is a former DOA Pure champion.

Katalina Perez

The self-professed “Queenpin” came out as bisexual Tuesday with a “love is love” proclamation attached. The statement was her first mention of her LGBTQ identity.

“I haven’t come out to anybody, even my family,” Perez wrote.

A growing staple in multiple promotions in Florida and Georgia, Perez has racked up multiple appearances on All Elite Wrestling programming in the past year.

Kai Fayden

The grappler also known as Glitch came out as pansexual and heteroromantic by posting a combination of the the two Pride flags on Twitter Tuesday. The ten-year wrestling veteran has made his name in recent years throughout the Ohio Valley with appearances in IWA: Mid-South, New Wave Pro and Paradigm Pro Wrestling where he has been a key figure in the No Hook series.

Eris Spiral

“The Strange and Unusual” Eris Spiral came out as bisexual Tuesday while celebrating coming out to her family as well.

“After many years I finally came out to my family,” Spiral said. Spiral has stepped into the ring for multiple promotions in New Jersey including Locked Target Wrestling where she currently reigns as the LTW Women’s champion.

Charlie Cashew

Still young in his career, Cashew came out as LGBTQ Tuesday, stating that he doesn’t identify as any specific sexual orientation.

“My label is fluid. There have been times I’ve identified as gay, bi, pan, ace, and others,” he said. “Today I am proud to stand together with everyone out there who is some shade of rainbow.”

Cashew credited his home promotion, Chaotic Wrestling, as helping him feel comfortable expressing his identity openly.

Grogan Ardizzoni/Blaze Bazuco

In the ring, they are known as Blaze Bazuco, but Ardizzoni also contributes their graphic design skills to the wrestling world. No matter the name, they made a statement by coming out as pansexual and genderfluid Tuesday. They may have done so quietly, but the Northeast Championship Wrestling regular definitely got some attention.

Cameron Saturn

Just days after making his debut with New Wave Pro, Saturn came out as bisexual on Wednesday, pointing to wrestling as a factor in empowering him to live his truth. “Growing up in a very small conservative town I was always worried to come out in fear of [being] exiled from my community, but wrestling has helped me overcome that,” Saturn wrote.

Adriel Noctis

Sandra Moone’s Simp For The Business partner, and partner in life, joined her in coming out as bisexual Thursday.

“The Lost Cause” has built his name in companies like FSW Vegas and Paradigm Pro Wrestling in both in singles competition and as one half of the tag team Creature Feature with tag team partner Lazarus. The duo also appeared at MV Young’s Polyam Cult Party 3.

The two are also set to face one another on this week’s episode of Championship Wrestling From Hollywood.

Addy Starr

One of Canada’s greatest gifts to the pro wrestling and deathmatch scene, Starr came out as bisexual Wednesday in a post that spoke to the insecurities bi-erasure impose on bisexual people in hetero-appearing relationships.

“It’s Pride month and I’ve been holding this in for years,” Strarr penned alongside an image of the bisexual Pride flag. “Plus I’m in a hetero relationship so sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter.”

With multiple appearances at Inter Species Wrestling and Pro Wrestling EVE under her belt, the current ISW Women’s champion definitely belongs and her bi identity matters.


Just before their debut on Wrestlers Laboratory’s IWTV series Alchemy, Isana let the world know that they identify as a demigirl. Isana was already out as bisexual but took some time in a tweet Friday to discuss their introspection on their gender identity.

“While I’m femme born I’ve never really felt a connection to being feminine,” Isana wrote. “Long story short, the past few weeks I’ve really thought about it and realized that I’m not as cis as I thought.”

Amber Jo

“The Notorious Angel” Amber Jo made history in 2020, becoming the first trans woman to compete under the Revolution Pro Wrestling banner but Friday she revealed to the pro wrestling world that she is also pansexual.

“I’ve found who I am as a person, a woman, but years I’ve been struggling with my sexuality,” Amber Jo wrote. “Now I can come out and say I’m happy to be Pansexual.”

Sean Campbell

Sean Campbell

Reigning New South Pro Wrestling Tag Team champion Sean Campbell came out as bisexual in a fashion true to himself. “I be bisexual n shit,” Campbell tweeted on Tuesday. Campbell said his statement was the end result of trying to write a coming out post for an hour. “This is the best you’re getting,” he added.

Campbell features prominently in Alabama-based New South Pro Wrestling. He captured the company’s tag team titles alongside Brayden Tool earlier this month on New South’s weekly IWTV program, Action Clash, defeating the team of Hunter Drake and Tyler Franks and the team of Suge D and out pro wrestler Donnie Janela.

Casey Johns

Casey Johns

Australian pro wrestler Casey Johns came out publicly as transgender in an Instagram post. “My name is Casey, and I am trans,” Johns said. “I’ve recently started HRT and I’ve genuinely never been this happy in my entire life.”

Johns already identified as non-binary prior to their announcement, but stressed that he hopes that he/him pronouns “start being the default.” In a statement to Outsports, Johns said that he identifies as non-binary transmasculine and uses both they/them and he/him pronouns.

Johns described the months-long process it took them to understand their identity as “some of the hardest of my life” but found “peace with myself” in putting his identity out in the open. “Telling people has been terrifying, but each time I was met with absolute love and support, which made me wonder why I was ever scared at all,” Johns said.

WWE Raw Women’s champion Rhea Ripley showed Johns support, saying, “So proud! Love you,” in a reply to Johns’ coming out post. Prior to Ripley’s time with WWE, she and Johns regularly worked together, clashing over the Adelaide-based Riot City Wrestling Women’s championship, a title both held at one time.

Johns has become a regular with Perth-based promotions Explosive Pro Wrestling and Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance in recent years as both a singles wrestler and with his tag team partner James Hartness, collectively known as Cut-Throat and Then Some.

Outsports congratulates all of these pro wrestlers for expressing their pride and power by proving courage is contagious.