Eric Lueshen has been a part of the Outsports community for almost a decade, and now he needs your help as he fights a rare bone infection.

Lueshen was a kicker on the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team, where he was out to teammates as gay. Since sharing his story on Outsports, he has dedicated his life to helping LGBTQ athletes and improving the environment in sports for LGBTQ people. A few years ago he teamed up with Nevin Caple to form LGBT SportSafe, a nonprofit that works with colleges including the America East and the Pac-12.

Now Lueshen is in the fight of his life, as he is undergoing surgery to remove abscesses, his entire right SC joint and surrounding bone and tissue. As Leushen says, this is going to be a long, painful and expensive surgery and, hopefully, recovery, and he’s asking for financial help from the community.

“The cost of surgery, imaging, medications, at-home care, follow-up appointments, loss of work, et cetera, is astronomical, and I’m in urgent need of funds to pay for this in addition to rent and food,” Lueshen says. “I’ve already drained my bank account fighting to survive. If you can afford to do so, please consider donating to my GoFundMe.”

You can find Lueshen’s GoFundMe here, and you can see Lueshen talk about his condition and the circumstances he now faces in this video.