Raven Saunders knows how to put fun into the Tokyo Olympics. The Team USA shot putter has already turned heads by competing in a variety of unique masks and hair styles that add flair and style to what would otherwise be a basic uniform.

But her latest look showed her fellow competitors that she’s not to be messed with.

There are plenty of athletes who try to psych themselves up by putting on a game face for their event but Saunders took it one step farther. She put on Heath Ledger’s.

And here…we…go…

Some people want to watch the world burn. Thankfully, Saunders only wants a gold medal.

And she put herself among the favorites during the shot put qualifying round, finishing in third with a measurement of 19.22 meters. The impressive performance enabled her to advance to Sunday’s final.

Saunders’s nickname is “The Hulk” but she dressed up for her event as The Joker. Which means she’s technically committed a comic fanboy faux pas by combining the DC and Marvel universes.

I nominate you to tell her that.

In reality, despite perfecting a stare that makes it look like the track and field telecast is directed by Stanley Kubrick, Saunders possesses an ebullient and playful personality and is easily one of the most watchable athletes at the Tokyo games.

And according to her Instagram, she might even be using her spare time to defend the host city:

Out and proud since third grade, Saunders is also a stellar representative of the LGBTQ community and she frequently uses her platform to make sure that we pay proper respects to all of its members…

Between her iconic looks, proud representation, and camera-friendly public persona, Saunders checks all the boxes you’d want from an Olympic athlete.

If she ends up taking gold and stands atop the medal podium, instead of “The Star Spangled Banner,” they might consider play MY national anthem from my favorite singer of all time:

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