Tom Daley took some time off to recharge his batteries after winning a long-elusive Olympic gold medal. Then, like a good teammate, he returned to Tokyo to cheer on his fellow divers.

While partner Matty Lee had to vacate the Olympic Village because he was finished competing after the Synchro event, Daley remained in Japan to prepare for Individual Men’s Platform Diving at the end of this week.

After decamping for a few days, Daley made his way back to the pool to cheer for Great Britain in the Women’s Three Meter Springboard final. When the TV cameras spotted him in the stands, he was engaged in a familiar pastime…

As any fan of his YouTube channel knows, Daley has taken to knitting and crocheting like an Olympic champion to water. Whether preparing for competition or enduring the pandemic shutdown, it has substantially benefited his mental health.

When he’s not inspiring millions, Daley’s hobby is creating adorableness.

And the jumper looks nice too.

In the process of displaying his wares on his “Made With Love” social media feed, Daley has transformed husband Dustin Lance Black into the ultra-rare hyphenate Oscar winner/Insta influencer:

He’s also created handmade gifts for son Robbie Ray…

To commemorate his Tokyo victory, Daley revealed his most unique project yet: an Olympic gold medal case.

It’s not something you see every day at the arts and crafts fair. Unless that fair is being held at Michael Phelps’s house.

Daley takes to the platform again for the Individual event on August 6th. Let’s hope after that, he has reason to knit a companion piece.