Lauren Price and Karriss Artingstall returned to Great Britain, both boxing medal winners at the Tokyo Summer Olympics. Now we know they are also a couple and part of Team LGBTQ.

On Aug. 9, the day after the end of the Summer Games, Artingstall posted a picture on Instagram of the two of them holding their medals, arm wrapped around one another, with a caption about their home.

“Who would of [sic] thought that when we bought our first house together a couple of months ago, we’d be bringing back two Olympic Medals to it,” Artingstall wrote.

On the same day, the BBC released an interview with Price in which she talked about their relationship and their home.

“We train together, we live together,” Price said. “We’ve just bought a house a couple of months ago and we never thought we’d be taking two Olympic medals back there! As soon as we won them, the first thing I thought was ‘where are they going to go?’”

To be sure, it wasn’t the first time the couple had posted photos of the two of them. It left some wondering aloud if they were LGBTQ and a couple. Some of the images just looked like two teammates ready for the Olympics.

Other images looked like maybe two friends having some laughs on a trip to Gran Canaria Winter Pride.

Either way, it’s been hard to say whether they were clearly out or not, as neither of them had ever mentioned dating or owning a home together.

Regardless, we’ve now got two more amazing medal-winning athletes to cheer for!

Price won gold in Tokyo in the 69-75kg category, while Artingstall won bronze in the 54-57kg weight class. Artingstall serves in the British Army, and both have said they hope to compete in the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games.

You can follow Lauren Price on Instagram and on Twitter. Karriss Artingstall is also on Instagram and on Twitter.

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