Team LGBTQ keeps adding to its medal count. French fencer Astrid Guyart won silver in the women’s team foil, alongside her three teammates: Ysaora Thibus, Anita Blaze and Pauline Ranvier.

The Russian Olympic Committee took gold.

Guyart is one of six elite-level French athletes who publicly came out as LGBTQ this Pride month. She was featured in the documentary, “We Need to Talk.”

In it, Guyart says she experienced her first relationship with a woman when she was in her late teens. Her partner was closeted, leading Guyart to invent a boyfriend, even going as far as to make up his birthday.

“I wasn’t ashamed, but the person I was with was,” she said, via the Associated Press. “That’s not a great way to build your identity and to establish a loving relationship. It was destructive, in that sense.”

Guyart (second to left) won silver in her second Olympics.

Years later, Guyart is now an Olympic medalist, and living an open life. Judoka Amandine Buchard, who’s also in the documentary, won silver in Tokyo as well (basketball player Céline Dumerc is the other Olympic athlete featured in the project).

Overall, Team LGBTQ has 19 medals, which would put them in seventh place.

Guyart, 38, has battled an array of injuries in recent years, including elbow surgery in 2020. The world multi-medalist says she will retire after this year’s Games.

What a way to go out.

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