Asia will hose five major international quadrennial sporting events over the course of just 16 months: Tokyo Summer Olympics and Paralympics, the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics and the Gay Games.

Amazin Lethi joins the latest episode of Outsports’ Five Rings To Rule Them All podcast to talk about the potential positive impact these events can have in Japan, China and Hong Kong, as well as the bringing together of the world around Asian people.

LeThi talks about the rising anti-Asian hate she has seen around the world, and the potentially healing power of fans in Europe and North America rallying around their countries’ own Olympic and Paralympic athletes of Asian descent.

Of course, LeThi isn’t blind to the human-rights issues present in any of these host countries. None of them is great on LGBTQ rights, and her hope is that the presence of out athletes in these countries will help move the needle in some way.

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