Ramsey Angela, the Olympic sprinter who is part of two Tokyo relays for the Netherlands, hasn’t come out publicly like most gay men who are out in sports.

Usually for men it’s an announcement, some “Yep I’m gay” moment on social media or in the media.

Instead, Angela has simply started being out on Instagram.

We can’t find any interviews in which Angela says he’s gay. Instead, earlier this year he just started posting some cute images on Instagram of himself and the person who’s clearly his boyfriend, model Pol IJpelaar.

Void is any “I’m gay” declaration. Instead: a heart emoji, a funny post about “animal habits,” a post with #couple.

Yet when you add them all up, and see this beautiful photo of Angela facing a rainbow flag, it’s clear he’s LGBTQ and comfortable in his own skin.

It’s the way we’ve seen many female athletes just start being publicly out on social media, comfortably giving a glimpse into their personal romantic lives without a big declaration. It’s cool to see Angela do the say.

For his part, IJpelaar introduced Angela to his followers on Valentine’s Day.

Angela will conclude his Olympics with the men’s 4×400-meter relay. The preliminary heats are Friday night, with the final on Saturday.

You can follow Ramsey Angela on Instagram.