Gay Games Hong Kong, slated to take place November 2022, have announced they are postponing the quadrennial multi-sport LGBTQ event until November 2023.

“Given the ongoing uncertainty regarding the state of travel restrictions internationally and in Hong Kong, we have decided to postpone the Games now to give sufficient time for FGG member organizations to develop an appropriate training and rehearsal schedule for the Games, and make alternate arrangements for their 2022 tournaments and events,” said Dennis Philipse, co-chair of Gay Games Hong Kong.

This is not a surprise to anyone in and around the Gay Games or LGBTQ sports, as various organizations and athletes were already struggling to navigate the travel to Hong Kong, exacerbated by the continuing global COVID issue.

Beyond this, Gay Games Hong Kong has been for years facing an uphill battle to attract the thousands of athletes from around the world who usually attend and compete in the event. China’s intrusion into Hong Kong and the trampling of human rights there has sent some people asking the Federation of Gay Games to move these Games entirely. So far, the Federation has stuck by Hong Kong.

Recently Gay Games Hong Kong informed the International Gay & Lesbian Football Association that, for the first time in over two decades, they would not be allowed to host their world championship at the Gay Games.

This move now leaves international groups scrambling to find another location for their 2022 championships. The IGLFA has already moved their championship to Washington, DC, and Sydney, Australia.

And the voices that have been asking the Federation of Gay Games to move the event out of Hong Kong entirely will continue to grow.