Kwame Brown has some pretty toxic ideas about masculinity.

In a video posted to social media, the NBA’s No. 1 overall draft pick in 2001 lambasted now-Lakers star Russell Westbrook for rocking a white-kilt during Fashion Week.

Most of the language is absolutely not safe for work.

“This n—- been wearing dresses and weird ass shit,” Brown says in his car. “You walkin’ up the street as a man talkin’ about that’s what we do? That’s not the case and I don’t give a fuck who don’t like it.”

Westbrook is known for using his wardrobe to express himself. At the Met Gala, he dyed his hair turquoise to match his attire.

The former MVP’s white-kilt, off-white cardigan and diamond choker was his latest boundary-pushing ensemble.

And in case there’s any doubt, I’m totally here for it. When somebody in sports with Westbrook’s stature challenges gender norms, it’s a positive development.

The backlash he’s received indicates the atavistic attitudes that still pervade aspects of the culture surrounding male team sports.

Brown, for example, says you can’t be straight and wear a skirt.

“Not no n—- is going to be walking around the goddamn streets with a dress on and goddamn boots and get my respect and say he’s a heterosexual,” he said. “Now if he’s gay, cool. My cousin is gay. I don’t give a fuck. I got gay girl cousins, male cousins. But if you say you’re a heterosexual male, and that’s what you do, fuck you.”

This is not Brown’s first recorded outburst of the year, by the way. Back in May, he got into a war of words with former Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas about his experiences in Washington.

Maybe someone should take the camera away from Brown. Meanwhile, I can’t wait to see what Westbrook comes up with next.

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