John Mara Jr. and George Sholley married one another on Sept. 24. | Anne Billingsley

John Mara Jr. married his now-husband, George Sholley, on Friday night.

It’s the first time we know of that the gay child of an NFL owner has married. The son of New York Giants owner John Mara has been lovingly embraced by his father since he came out to him, we’re told.

One attendee told Outsports the wedding was “a fantastic night and John Sr made a beautiful speech.”

The Giants have been supporters of the LGBTQ community over the years, embracing the New York Gay Flag Football League, welcoming partnerships with You Can Play and other organizations working to make sports a more welcoming place for LGBTQ people, and fighting for marriage equality over a decade ago.

Think about that. The team that openly supported the legal recognition of gay marriages has now seen a team owner bless his son’s wedding to his husband.

To be clear, John Jr. was not out to his father when the New York marriage equality debate heated up over a decade ago.

In addition, the team has long had a strong working relationship with Outsports.

We are so happy for John and George. May they find years of happiness together!

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