Out LGBTQ athletes did really well at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Paralympics. In fact over half of them — 53% — won a gold, silver or bronze medal.

Of the 36 publicly out LGBTQ athletes Outsports knew of at the games, 19 of them are taking home a medal.

In addition, another seven finished fourth or fifth.

Of those medal winners, there were some who won multiple medals. Lee Pearson won three golds in dressage, and Crystal Lane-Wright won three silvers in cycling. Katie Dunlevy won two cycling golds and a silver, and Emma Wiggs won gold and silver.

Out athletes representing Team Great Britain won the most medals, with four athletes winning a total of 10 medals (including Pearson and Wiggs). The United States had the most different athletes — five — who won a total of four medals. As most of the American medal-winners were in team sports, they didn’t have the chance to win multiple medals.

Congratulations to all of the athletes who made it to the Paralympics, and to those who are taking medals back home.