EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch, one of the premiere pro wrestling events showcasing LGBTQ talent, is coming back for a fourth installment during WrestleMania Week 2022.

The event’s namesake announced its return via Twitter on Wednesday with the promise of making Texas “gayer, y’all.”

The Big Gay Brunch will once again take place as part of Game Changer Wrestling’s The Collective independent pro wrestling festival that annually runs in the host city of WWE’s WrestleMania the week of the pro wrestling mega event.

2022’s The Collective will emanate from Dallas, March 31 to April 2. The announcement of the Big Gay Brunch’s return did not state when it would occur during the festivities, but it has historically been scheduled at peak brunch hours.

Previous editions of EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch have delivered memorable matches and moments for LGBTQ identities within pro wrestling. Last year’s visit to WrestleMania week hosted a star-making performance by Billy Dixon in a bloody Pup Collar match against AJ Gray. Sept. 2021’s Big Gay Brunch Chicago event saw Jake Atlas make his return to independent wrestling against EFFY in a hard-hitting main event.

More details, including talent and match announcements, are expected to be released over the coming weeks.