The new season of “Queer Eye” is available on Netflix, and though every episode should be watched with a box of tissues nearby, there’s one in particular that’s caught our attention.

The second episode features trans powerlifter Angel Flores, who excelled as a high school athlete before coming out as transgender. Flores, 22, still dominates in the gym, but the outside world fills her with trepidation.

Enter: the Fab Five.

All five members of “Queer Eye’s” cast — Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk — work with Flores to build confidence in all areas of her life, especially as she attempts to navigate relationships with her girlfriend and family. Before meeting Flores, they learn she shies away from most public spaces out of fear of rejection.

Flores reveals she feels uncomfortable shopping for anything besides groceries.

But her hangouts with the “Queer Eye” cast start to change that. First, Van Ness takes Flores to a local beauty salon in Austin, Texas, where he styles her hair and applies makeup. Flores says it’s the first time she’s ever indulged in self-care.

Her transformation makes her feel euphoric.

One of the more emotional scenes comes when Angel is trying on a new outfit that she absolutely loves: a sporty top paired with high-waisted jeans and heels. The lewk accentuates all of her curves, while also showing off her muscular build.

Early in the episode, Flores says she’s “built like a fridge.” But after a shopping session with Tan, she begins to see herself as the beautiful woman she is.

“Twelve hours ago, I could never have seen her there. This is a dream,” Flores says. “I never could’ve dressed myself like this. I had no idea I could look like this — ever.”

Flores is also an Olympic coach.

An accomplished weightlifter, Flores won a first-place medal at the 2021 USA Powerlifting Iron Triathlon. Her father, however, wasn't there to see her big win.

The episode concludes with the two embracing at Flores’ apartment-warming party in her tastefully redesigned home.

For the first time, Flores truly loves herself. She’s ready to fully dive into her new and improved life, in and out of the gym.

“I love every square inch of what I’m seeing,” she says.

You can watch a clip from Flores’ episode here.