From the sidelines as a college basketball head coach, to his podcast, The Reconstructed Man, to his many speeches on navigating the world as a proud transgender man, Layne Ingram is never shy to use his voice.

This Friday, his voice will be a part of the discussion on an edition of the Dr. Phil show. The topic centers around the debate of trans inclusion. Joining Ingram is a panel that includes Title IX attorney Nancy Hogshead-Makar, Harvard professor Dr. Carole Hooven, and former University Kentucky swimmer-turned-anti-trans-inclusion touchstone Riley Gaines.

Both on and off the Dr. Phil show, Ingram seeks to make the connections that the majority of the cisgender public seems to struggle with.

“We’re talking about a problem that doesn’t exist,” Ingram said on the Trans Sporter Room podcast Wednesday. “The things that we do as adults just trickles down to the kids, and it’s further tied together when there’s legislation that says we are banning the health care that you need.”

Ingram, who was named the Outsports Coaching Pioneer Award winner in 2021, enters his third season as head coach for the women’s basketball team at Lansing Community College in Michigan.

Since coming out in 2017, he has been a stalwart voice for trans people locally and across the country.

He notes the opportunity to speak out to a national audience will send the strong message that he has always sought to send, especially to young trans people.

“I hope that a trans kid, or a trans person or a people looks at me and says, ‘Hey there are people out there fighting for you’,” Ingram said. “And maybe someone who is against or is fearful looks at me and says, ‘Hey, there is a regular human guy just trying to live’.”

The Dr. Phil show is scheduled to be broadcast Friday, Oct. 7. Check your local listings, and check out what Layne Ingram had to say about the speaking out, coaching, being a parent, and why his Michigan Wolverine are a College Football Play threat on the latest edition of the Trans Sporter Room. Now available Megaphone, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple podcasts, and many other platforms for Outsports podcasts as well.