Jaide Hinds-Clarke and Amiaya Carey Hinds-Clarke tied the knot two months ago this week.

They celebrated with a trip to the White House to watch President Joe Biden sign the Respect for Marriage Act into law, granting federal protections to same-sex and interracial couples.

“Jaide and I stood hand in hand, as President Biden signed a law that would make our futures more secure,” Amiaya told Outsports. “I feel more respected, protected, and more valued — especially as a future parent.”

Jaide and Amiaya first met as star college athletes in Virginia going to rival schools. Jaide, whom Outsports first profiled in 2020, was a basketball standout at the University of Richmond.

Amiaya, meanwhile, was on the track and field team at VCU, earning multiple top-10 finishes in the high jump during three separate Atlantic 10 Championships.

They became fast friends, and after a few years, their friendship grew into love. Jaide and Amiaya got engaged in June 2021.

Jaide and Amiaya commemorated their love for each other this October.

“They say when you fall in love with your best friend, it happens by accident, nothing has to be forced,” Amiaya said about their engagement. “That’s exactly what happened.”

The couple eloped and got married in October in a beautiful ceremony in front of a small group of friends. After a tumultuous couple of years, Jaide and Amiaya didn’t want anything to distract from their love on their special day.

They were invited to the White House signing ceremony via personal invitation. The star-studded affair was the perfect capper to their fall.

“It was truly empowering to be standing on the White House South Lawn hand-in-hand celebrating two months of marriage with my wife,” said Jaide. “We have encountered a lot over the past year and a half, and it was just affirmed a fundamental truth: love is love.”

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