Super Bowl LVI was won by the Los Angeles Rams as their defense was simply too much for Joe Burrow. The Rams have a good history of supporting the LGBTQ community, previously drafting Michael Sam, supporting local LGBTQ charities and supporting Outsports Pride.

The community can certainly be happy with a Rams win.

An exciting game also included a Halftime Show that had people on social media and in the media raving about. I watched with Stacey Dales who loved it (as did I):

There were also several storylines of particular interest to LGBTQ people.

ASL National Anthem performer wore a pride pin

Sandra Mae Frank wore a pride pin as she performed the National Anthem in ASL.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King tossed the coin for the Super Bowl

BJK was introduced as “sports icon, equality champion and the first female athlete ever to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, from here in Long Beach California, Billie Jean King.”

The coin toss came up heads and Cincinnati won the toss.

LGBTQ former NFL players represented at the Super Bowl

Ryan O’Callaghan, who played in the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, and RK Russell were both in the house for the big game, posting about their experiences on Instagram. Last week they participated in events hosted by the NFL, GLAAD and Covenant House.

Outsports credentialed as media

It was the fourth time Outsports was credentialed for the Super Bowl. The NFL has approved our request every time we’ve asked, signaling the league understands the importance of having LGBTQ voices in the media at the game.

5 gay cheerleaders whooping up the crowd for the Rams

Five of the cheerleaders for the Rams during the Super Bowl were gay men: Jose, Brendan, Quinton, Napoleon and Eswinn. They could be seen throughout the game leading the chers on the Rams side of the field.

Odell Beckham Jr. wins the Super Bowl after years of ‘gay’ teasing

Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. had bounced from the New York Giants to Cleveland Browns and then to the Rams, winning the Super Bowl after he had been the target of gay teasing and harassment for years. He generally kept a good attitude about it, and now all of the crap has resulted in a ring.

Beckham was knocked out of the game by an injury, but not before a couple of big catches and showing up to the game with purple hair.

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