The Vancouver Canucks went well beyond the usual rainbows to create their new Pride Night jersey.

They crafted a queer masterpiece rife with symbolism that celebrates the journeys and evolutions of LGBTQ people.

The gorgeous jersey, which was designed by the queer artist Mio, tells the story of the LGBTQ experience using images from British Columbia’s stunningly bucolic landscape.

As the tales goes, we feel like we’re drowning in overwhelming sea of uncertainty before breaking through the ice and heading through the forest to reach our “path of new beginnings.”

It’s not always an easy climb through the mountains, but once we reach the peak, we can see the sky. That’s where we find complete joy, or as Mio puts it, our “utopia.”

Vancouver’s outstanding Pride collection is the team’s latest special event jersey that encapsulates the strength of a specific community. They’ve worn unique sweaters for Diwali Night, the Lunar New Year and Black History Month.

Each designed was commissioned by artists who are members of the communities they are visually representing. All proceeds go to foundations supporting specific causes relevant to the theme of the evening.

Partial proceeds from the Pride jersey will go to the You Can Play Project, which partnered with the NHL in 2013.

Teams throw themed nights all of the time, but the Canucks deserve credit for actually designing merchandise that speaks to the communities they are celebrating.

Vancouver hosts its Pride Night March 11. Every NHL team has held a Pride or Inclusion night.