LGBTQ-led pro wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Vibe is putting its supremely queer library of matches to use for the trans youth of Texas.

The company will host “Vibe For What’s Right,” a special live stream of its best matches and moments, Wednesday night on pro wrestling streaming service IWTV. All streaming proceeds from the event will be donated to the Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT), an advocacy group working to improve the lives of trans and gender-diverse youth and adults in the state.

“Pull up and watch to the end,” Pro Wrestling Vibe founder Billy Dixon said. “Every view earns [money].”

“Vibe For What’s Right” comes as a direct response to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s directive that the state’s child protection agency investigate the parents of trans children and other authority figures that affirm a trans child’s gender identity for “child abuse.”

The non-legally binding decree engendered harsh criticism from LGBTQ advocacy groups and state officials alike. At least five Texas county district attorneys declared they wouldn’t enforce Abbott’s directive.

The lineup for “Vibe For What’s Right” definitely reads as a best-of compilation of the promotion’s short history. It features matches from Butch vs. Gore (EFFY vs. Faye Jackson), both editions of Paris Is Bumping (Best Business Bureau vs. House of No Bullshit and Mariah Moreno) and the first Cassandro Cup tournament (Edith Surreal vs. Ashton Starr). Iconic segments featuring notable trans wrestlers Candy Lee and Mariah Moreno will also be part of the festivities.

Pro Wrestling Vibe’s “Vibe For What’s Right” airs live Wednesday, March 2, at 10pm ET (immediately after AEW Dynamite) on IWTV.