The Los Angeles Dodgers have already sold over 18,000 ticket packages to their LGBTQ Pride Night on June 3, shattering the record the club already had for most tickets sold for a Pride Night.

Given Dodger Stadium’s capacity of about 56,000, that means almost a third of the entire stadium will have bought Pride Night ticket packages. The game is now nearly sold out.

“I am beyond thrilled and humbled to see the overwhelming response and support of the Dodgers Pride Night in 2022,” said Erik Braverman, Dodgers Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Broadcasting. “Beyond the amazing Pride jerseys that come with the ticket pack, the Dodger players will all be wearing the on-field 11-color Pride cap for the first time ever. We also have several other surprises in the works which I am confident will make the night very memorable.”

The ticket-sales total for the night shatters any previous record related to ticket sales for an LGBTQ Pride Night at a sporting event, a record the Dodgers already held.

Special guests for the Dodgers Pride Night include MLB executive Billy Bean, former umpire Dale Scott and MMA fighter Fallon Fox.

Braverman has talked repeatedly about the importance of a 365-day view to working with the LGBTQ community. He credits that perspective — working constantly with the local LGBTQ community — for the massive success of Dodgers LGBTQ Pride Night. As an out gay team executive, Braverman is also positioned well to execute such a wide-ranging community partnership.

The Dodgers play the New York Mets on June 3, with both teams leading their division and currently with the two best records in the National League.