Tuesday was Pansexual Visibility Day, a day committed to showcasing and celebrating the pansexual community in public spaces. The jubilation can also empower people to share their truth openly for the first time, which is exactly what independent pro wrestler Max Zero did.

In an emotional tweet, Zero came out publicly as pansexual as part of the day’s festivities. “I’ve done a lot in my life, this is the scariest,” Zero said. “I was gonna make like a fun himbo thing out of this but I just can’t emotionally bring myself to do it … I’m pan. Love y’all.”

Pansexuality is defined as a “sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction towards people regardless of their sex or gender identity.”

Since making his debut in 2019 as the masked ZERO, the East Coast-based powerhouse has become a favorite in multiple promotions. He participated in Chikara’s Young Lions Cup tournament in 2020 before unmasking in 2021, becoming the handsome himbo fans adore.

Zero appears regularly for Wrestler’s Laboratory, Industrial World Wrestling, Paradigm Pro Wrestling and Invictus Pro Wrestling. In January, he challenged MV Young for the Wrestlers Laboratory championship.

The decision to make the announcement came with some anxiety for Zero as he hinted at possibly muting the tweet to not see responses, but fans and pro wrestling peers answered Zero’s announcement with nothing but love.

Outsports congratulates Max Zero for boldly sharing his truth and proving that Courage is Contagious.