The Cassandro Cup, a symbol of excellence for LGBTQ pro wrestlers established by Pro Wrestling VIBE, has a new holder.

Killian McMurphy, Shadow the Hedgehog’s favorite wrestler, left Pro Wrestling VIBE’s “Pride & VIBE Weekend” festival with the prize bearing the name of the influential exotico after outlasting 29 other competitors in the first queer-focused rumble match.

McMurphy’s odds to win the match were significant after he was announced as the first entrant a month prior to Friday’s “Cassandro Cup II” event, meaning he would have to last at 40-plus minutes without being thrown over the top rope to even have a chance at walking away with the trophy.

The “Shooter” rose to the challenge, though, surviving the efforts of world champions, major names, and multiple surprise entrants (including McMurphy’s best friend Big Dust, “Manager of Champions” Pollo Del Mar and IWTV owner Gerard Durling). McMurphy last eliminated “Queen Bee” Brooke Valentine to complete his wire-to-wire win.

Killian McMurphy celebrates his Cassandro Cup victory

McMurphy now becomes the second Cassandro Cup winner, following inaugural holder Edith Surreal, and is the first to win the trophy via a rumble match. Surreal’s 2021 win came in a one-night elimination tournament where she defeated Erica Leigh, McMurphy and Ashton Starr.

After winning the cup, Surreal received a shot at the IWTV World championship, so McMurphy could be in line to battle current champion AC Mack (who entered the last rumble). McMurphy previously challenged then-champion Wheeler Yuta in 2021 after winning the ECWA Super 8 tournament to earn the match.

No matter what is on the horizon, McMurphy staked his claim to one title immediately after winning the match. “I’m the gay president now,” he said post-match, referencing 2021 QWI 200 #1-ranked wrestler Billy Dixon’s same decree after topping the list of the best queer pro wrestlers.