Six years after WWE retired the Divas championships and stopped referring to its female wrestlers as “Divas” officially, the time of the “Super Diva” formally arrived on Tuesday’s WWE NXT broadcast, as out pro wrestler Quincy Elliott made his much-anticipated debut.

While Elliott has wrestled a few matches on NXT since signing with WWE earlier this year, those appearances came before he tapped into his inner diva and started to let it shine in the ring. Elliott did so over multiple appearances on WWE’s Level Up program, garnering cheers for his charisma, athleticism and self-expression.

With his trademark scooter in tow and debuting a new entrance that saw him basking in his own glamour, Elliott did his trademark grind on the ring post and quickly dispatched Sean Gallagher in less than 90 seconds. All while wearing gear inspired by deceased WWE wrestler Mabel and blowing kisses at the camera.

Elliott’s pre-WWE career included stops in west coast promotions Versus Pro, Big Valley Wrestling and Supreme Pro Wrestling. Perhaps his most notable independent wrestling appearance came at last year’s “Paris Is Bumping: Solid Gold ‘21” where he teamed with Saint Synclair under the name Lil Atari against fellow diva Eddy McQueen and Gabby Ortiz.

Elliott’s debut also points to the WWE again dipping its toe in male-appearing queer representation after doing so with Jake Atlas last year. Vignettes building up Elliott’s NXT debut saw him take on the “Super Diva” moniker and alluded to his queerness as an empowering facet of his identity.

“I see people of all different walks of life and it excites me. And you may be shocked at this, but I never struggle with being different. I own it — I work it — because I am it,” Elliott said in one segment. “Growing up, everyone always thought that they knew what I was and everyone always thought that they knew who I am. But they don’t know me at all.”

It looks like Elliott’s NXT journey is just getting started. Welcome to the Gagitude Era.