For years fans, athletes and members of the media have debated which men’s professional sports league in the United States is the most inclusive of LGBT fans, athletes, coaches and everyone else across the sports spectrum. And which league would be the most-receptive to more gay and bi athletes coming out?

We’ve identified the five most prominent American men’s team-sports leagues and included them in this poll of readers and fans.

Which do you think is the most LGBT-inclusive?

How you determine that is completely up to you. We won’t even offer a list of things to consider, as we want our readers to simply share how they’re thinking, given what they’ve seen over the years.

To be sure, each of these men’s pro-sports leagues has tried to do at least something to show that it is inclusive of LGBT fans and players. But has it been enough?

We’d also love your thought on which league you feel is the LEAST inclusive:

Of course these aren’t scientific polls, but we do hope to gain some insight into how Outsports readers perceive these professional sports leagues.