CANTON, OH - AUGUST 04: NBC Sports analyst Tony Dungy speaks during a segment prior to the 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Las Vegas Raiders at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium on August 04, 2022 in Canton, Ohio. | Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Is Tony Dungy trying to get fired?

It’s a question worth asking in the aftermath of his tweet Wednesday, in which the NFL Hall of Fame coach and current NBC analyst promoted a false narrative about students identifying as cats, and schools providing litter boxes for them in place of a bathroom.

The repugnant lie has been an online far right-wing talking point for months, and is intended to discredit LGBTQ people.

In response to a Daily Wire story about a Minnesota state legislator pushing for schools to provide students in grades 4 through 12 with access to menstrual products in the bathroom, Dungy tweeted the following:

“That’s nothing. Some school districts are putting litter boxes in the school bathrooms for the students who identify as cats. Very important to address every student’s needs.”

While Dungy has a long history of promoting anti-LGBTQ views, which Outsports covered last week in a two-part series, this tweet is the most radical and extreme statement he’s ever made publicly.

Unlike previous statements against same-sex marriage, Dungy can’t say he’s spouting his religious views. There’s no hiding with this one: Dungy shared a disgusting anti-LGBTQ conspiracy theory.

In other words, Dungy is acting like an outright bigot. And as of now, you can watch him this weekend on NBC’s NFL playoff coverage.