Tennis and LGBTQ icon Martina Navratilova announced Monday that she has been diagnosed with breast and throat cancer.

“This double whammy is serious but still fixable, and I’m hoping for a favorable outcome,“ the 66-year-old Navratilova said in a statement. “It’s going to stink for a while but I’ll fight with all have I got.”

She said a biopsy on an enlarged lymph node in her neck — discovered in November — showed early-stage throat cancer. The breast cancer, also in its early stages, is unrelated and was discovered at the same time. She had a lumpectomy for a noninvasive form of breast cancer in 2010.

“Needless to say my phone and twitter are both blowing up so I will say again — thank you all for your support and I am not done yet,” she tweeted Monday.

Navratilova told her friend Pam Shriver several weeks ago, ahead of the public announcement, the WTA website said.

“You look at your skills as an athlete, to compete,” Shriver said, “and in her case to compete and be the best while leaving no stone unturned — as far as finding things out, researching and understanding how to put together the best team. She was one of the first in tennis to have a team. Some of those traits will serve her well once again.”

Navratilova, who is gay, won 59 Grand Slam titles in her long tennis career and she has been one of the most important LGBTQ sports advocates for decades.

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