Los Angeles Chargers defensive lineman Joey Bosa uttered a homophobic slur to a Philadelphia Eagles fans heckling him outside Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia on Sunday prior to the Eagles playing the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game.

“Bosa sucks!” one fan yells as Bosa was entering the stadium to root for his brother Nick, who plays for the 49ers.

“When do the Chargers play this week?” another yells, knowing his season is over.

Bosa then turns to the person videoing him and says, “Are you Snapchatting your little butt buddies, you fucking loser?”

The fan and Bosa exchange more insults until the fan yells, “How are those fines, Bosa?” a reference to Bosa being fined $55,000 by the NFL for criticizing the officials in the Chargers’ wild-card loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“They’re good, because I can afford them,” Bosa says, adding, “I’m fucking rich, you fucking joke bitch.”

The video has more than 5 million views as of Sunday night and is a bad look for Bosa, whose penalties in the wild-card game killed the Chargers and contributed greatly to their loss.

Let’s be clear: Bosa’s use of “butt buddies” is homophobic. It’s clear that it’s meant to demean the fan by insinuating that having gay male-to-male sex is something to be mocked. It was also the first insult in his arsenal, the one he thought was his “gotcha” comeback.

To paraphrase what I wrote when Lamar Jackson of the Ravens tweeted something homophobic this season: Bosa thinks having butt buddies is unmanly and deliberately used it as an insult, something gay men have faced, like, forever. Therefore, it’s homophobic.

“Just calling his name is trash? He couldn’t handle it and had to go homophobic,” was just one comment on Twitter calling out Bosa. “Didn’t know Joey Bosa was a homophobic POS!” said another. “Joey Bosa so weak-minded to let Eagles fans get under his skin he responds with a homophobic slur and then tops it off some elitist BS. Seriously, pathetic,” said a third.

Jackson was not fined by the NFL for his comment and I doubt Bosa will either, especially since it came off the field when Bosa was himself a fan. Both players deserved to be fined, because it’s this kind of casual homophobia (gay sex as a bad thing was clearly on both players’ minds) that demeans and hurts progress toward acceptance of LGBTQ people in sports.