Out All Elite Wrestling star Leyla Hirsch is getting married.

Hirsch announced her engagement via Instagram Sunday with a bouquet of photos from the engagement party she threw for her fiancé, Jordan Haykin.

In the message accompanying the post, Hirsch spoke about finding a deep connection with Haykin while she was out of action for over a year following an ACL tear in April 2022.

“While it was the worst thing that had happened to me, it was also the best thing to have happened to me. During that time, I found my future wife,” Hirsch said. “This recovery journey was one of the toughest things I had to go through. I am so grateful to have had you by my side through it all. From helping me get through my surgery, to moving out together and to you supporting my crazy job, I can truly say that I have found my dream partner.”

The wrestler also revealed that Haykin previously proposed to her five months ago on their one-year anniversary and planned her own proposal to give Haykin “the same feeling that you gave me five months ago when you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife.”

Hirsch returned to action in June, jump-starting a lengthy unbeaten streak on AEW’s sibling promotion Ring of Honor before challenging Athena for the ROH Women’s World title in September. She made a name for herself in prominent promotions, including Beyond Wrestling, Game Changer Wrestling, Black Label Pro and Stardom, prior to joining AEW in 2021.

Having her journey back to the ring parallel her falling in love with Haykin is special, as evidenced in Hirsch’s own words, and now the couple have a pair of rings to symbolize their deep connection. “I’m so glad that we found each other,” Hirsch said. “I love you so much and I can’t wait to continue this journey called life with you.”