On Sunday, the San Francisco 49ers will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals in a clash of Super Bowl hopefuls. But it won’t be anything close to the biggest spectacle at Levi’s Stadium this weekend.

In a Bay Area football first, the venue will also be hosting a 49ers PRIDE Drag Brunch on Saturday, October 28th at 11:00 AM.

The brunch is scheduled in conjunction with 49ers PRIDE, the first official NFL fan club and social community dedicated to LGBTQ football fans.

In the past, 49ers PRIDE has hosted gameday watch parties and philanthropic events at Bay Area LGBTQ bars and institutions. Now they’re treating fans to a day to prove Brock Purdy isn’t the only star on the gridiron serving charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent.

Festivities for the brunch will feature a lineup of Bay Area drag luminaries like The Vixen, Tala, and Catinni P. Vandon.

Additionally, the Niners teased that team legends could also be in attendance. So this could be the first opportunity for the Levi’s Stadium PA to announce, “Now taking the field: Sherri Rice and Jo Mounts Tanya…”

The promotional poster for the 49ers PRIDE drag brunch.

With such an impressive stable of performers, it will be a show to remember. At the very least, expect choreography several degrees fiercer than Montana’s appearance on Church Chat.

It’s all thanks to a new Niners employee resource group formed by the team’s LGBTQ front office and football staff members, which brainstormed ideas for 49ers PRIDE functions and hit upon the idea of hosting a drag brunch at the stadium.

“We are proud to represent the organization and show we have a space in football and in sports, that we belong in these spaces as well,” said 49ers Senior Director of Inclusion and Culture Christina Jefferson in a message to Outsports, “So often folks think these decisions are made for us, that there is no one inside this organization who is in the community. Our LGBTQ community is thriving inside the 49ers and I know we are only going to make a bigger impact both with fans and inside this organization.”

This represents an opportunity for the 49ers to host an event focused specifically on their LGBTQ fanbase and its allies. Drag performers had previously visited Niners watch parties as special guests but this is the first time they’ll be the focus of a 49ers PRIDE gathering.

“LGBTQ fans are often asked to conform to one space or the other. Through this event, I hope that we can show that we here at the 49ers can enjoy football and drag, that we LGBTQ employees enjoy both drag and football and we choose not to choose, and that our allies can enjoy both as well,” added Jefferson.

Tickets are 40 dollars and a portion of the proceeds will benefit San Francisco Pride. You can purchase reservations at this link and be part of 49ers history.