The NFL, along with The Trevor Project, will use their Instagram pages on Saturday to highlight the voices of LGBTQ people in the league, including an out gay player and coach.

“Athletes and coaches can experience a lot of pressure, so it’s great to see the NFL partner with The Trevor Project,” Kevin Maxen, associate strength coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, said in one of the Instagram slides that will appear on the NFL and Trevor Project Instagram pages. Maxen came out this summer on Outsports.

“Having someone to talk to in tough times can help prevent suicide, and fostering supportive environments can positively impact the mental health of coaches and players.”

On National Coming Out Day in October, the NFL announced its renewed partnership with The Trevor Project, which includes a $100,000 donation. The Trevor Project is a suicide prevention and mental health organization focused on LGBTQ young people.

In the last three years, more that 200 NFL employees have taken LGBTQ educational programs provided by The Trevor Project, said Nicholas Turton, the group’s communication manager.

“The Trevor Project’s exceptional efforts in supporting LGBTQ youth and mental health are truly commendable, and we eagerly look forward to our continued partnership with an organization that’s positively transforming lives across the globe,” said Jonathan Beane, a senior vice president an chief DEI officer for the NFL, who is featured in a slide.

The Trevor Project got a boost in 2021, when Carl Nassib, then of the Las Vegas Raiders, became the first active player to come out as gay and endorsed the group’s efforts. Nassib is now retired.

“It’s been so inspiring to work with The Trevor Project to support LGBTQ youth mental health, and it’s amazing to see the NFL continue their commitment to inclusivity in sports,” said Nassib. “LGBTQ young people deserve love, support, and acceptance on and off the field.”

“Nassib has been a long-time supporter of The Trevor Project and will continue to be a partner with us as we embark on the renewed partnership for 2024. And we are excited to continue working with Kevin Maxen through this partnership as well,” said Turton of the partnership.