Outsports’ story about Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, who happens to be on injured reserve, embracing a Christian organization that centers anti-LGBTQ doctrine — Focus On The Family — was not met with good graces amongst a group of anti-gay people who decided to reach out to Outsports to explicitly express their hatred of LGBTQ people.

In fact, many of the vile responses Outsports and I have received since posting this story should make any Christian reject the hate spewed by so many of these people

Chief among them was this voicemail left for me on my personal phone number.

The insulting voicemail was deleterious to various groups of people.

“You’re ret***ed,” the voicemail started. “Kirk cousins is right. You took something so personal. No wonder you’re so butt hurt because you’re such a f**king h*mo, taking it up the a*s all the time. Stupid b**ch.”

Yes, there are that many asterisks needed.

You can hear the completely awful, homophobic, anti-gay message inspired by our Focus On The Family report here:

Of course, the person sending this message blocked his phone number, given how incredibly cowardly so many anti-LGBTQ people are.

It wasn’t the first hateful message I received from people looking to tell me what a sinful, awful gay man (or other worse language) I am, or expressing their support for Cousins. The hate-filled messages have streamed in all weekend:

One DM in particular wished that Outsports’ staff members would just kill themselves:

Of course, none of this is what Cousins intended. My guess is, if he saw this kind of language, he wouldn’t like it. A couple people in and around the NFL have told me he’s considered a “good guy.”

Still, he’s a good guy who appeared publicly in support of a rabidly anti-LGBTQ organization, emboldening people like those who left the messages above.

Cousins and the Vikings have still not commented publicly on his appearance.