There was a funny moment early in the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Buffalo Bills on Sunday and it involved the guy dating Taylor Swift.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce made an athletic play on a catch and it prompted this gem from CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo.

“As you see Kelce’s wife, Taylor Swift in the audience, I’m sorry, I mean girlfriend,” Romo said.

“Not yet,” Romo’s broadcasting partner Jim Nantz replied.

The networks have loved every minute of the Swift-Kelce romance, giving her as much airtime as any player since she started attending games in September. The Chiefs (8-5) have gone in a slump the last month, losing four of their last six games but are still the favorites to win the AFC West and make the playoffs, even more catnip for the networks.

I have found it interesting to see gay Swifties who were not big NFL fans become at least NFL curious now that she’s dating a player.

“As a gay boy who grew up in Kansas City I must say Taylor Swift becoming a Chiefs fan feels like a bigger victory than the Superbowl did,” is one comment I found on X.

Another read: “Y’all can hate me, IDC LOL. TaylorXNFL is THE crossover of ages! Who knew this gay man would become a football fan!”

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes react to a touchdown scored by Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs during the second quarter of the game against the Los Angeles Chargers in October.

I’m agnostic on Swift and root against the Chiefs, so the constant coverage gets annoying, but if it’s getting crossover eyeballs, then the NFL is not complaining.

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