Bryan Ruby, the multi-talented baseball player and country music singer and songwriter, has released a new Christmas song, entitled “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

The song is a nice reminder of one of the gifts of the season, to look back on our blessings. While nobody has everything they want or need, Ruby’s ballad appreciates the joy he finds in his own life.

As he sings:

“It’s a wonderful life, so much to believe in
Especially now, this holiday season
The presents are out, the smell of the tree
Everything’s perfect, while you’re here with me
You got me glowing like those Christmas lights
It’s a Wonderful Life…”

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is the name of the beautiful 1946 Frank Capra film, starring Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, in which Stewart’s character, down on his like and nearly forced into bankruptcy, gets the unique opportunity to see what the world would be like if he hadn’t been in it.

The film has become a staple of Christmas films, given it takes place around the holiday, and the outpouring of love Stewart’s character — George Bailey — ultimately sees celebrate around his own Christmas tree, giving him the opportunity to appreciate what he has.

One fun little “Easter egg” — and we’re not sure if this was intentional — but the video starts with a lampshade reminiscent of the fixture made famous by A Christmas Story.

Last year, Ruby also released a Christmas song, that one titled “Christmas With You,”

Ruby’s story is quite incredible. When he chose to come out publicly as gay a couple years ago, he wasn’t just doing it in baseball, but he was also doing it in the country music world, where he was developing a strong reputation as a songwriter. Neither baseball nor country music are exactly considered safe havens for out gay men.

Yet Ruby took the leap and came out. And we’ve been blown away by how hard-working he is, and how much he’s flourished. And how much he’s been accepted.

He now helps run a non-profit organization he started, Proud To Be In Baseball, that spreads the message of LGBTQ inclusion in the sport he loves.

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