Olympian and World Champion Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour recently married her wife, Rasmine Laudrup-Dufour, in a beautiful ceremony just north of Copenhagen, Denmark, near where the couple lives.

The two brides wed at Kokkedal Slot, which bills itself as “an unpretentious sanctuary where anything can happen.”

The wedding photos the two women have posted on Instagram are all absolutely stunning, shot by Mia Macom.

Just take a look:

Cathrine with her brides maids:

And with the entire bridal party:

We are so thrilled for these two women as they embark on a lifelong marriage.

As for the next Olympics, Laudrup-Dufour is part of a team that is poised to compete for a medal. She won gold in team dressage at the 2022 World Championships, and she won two silver medals in individual dressage events at the World Championships.

She is one of the many publicly out LGBTQ equestrian riders who have found success on the world stage.

In the last year, Laudrup-Dufour retired her 19-year-old horse, Atterupgaard’s Cassidy, with whom she made such a splash on the international dressage stage.

Best of luck to Cathrine and her new horse as she (hopefully) aims to represent Denmark in the 2024 Paris Summer Olympic Games! And congratulations to the couple on a beautiful wedding. Outsports sends all our best for a wonderful, loving marriage.