New Mexico State University is shutting down its men’s varsity basketball program for the remainder of the season following allegations of harassment and criminal sexual contact.

The area’s NBC affiliate, KTSM, published redacted police reports Sunday that detail the accusations. A player filed a report to campus police Friday against three teammates, saying they “removed his clothing exposing his buttocks and began to slap his [buttocks].”

The player also says the perpetrators touched his scrotum.

Following the release of the police reports, New Mexico State’s chancellor Dan Arvizu announced the team will prematurely end its season. Every member of the club’s coaching staff has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The player says the reported hazing incident occurred Feb. 6, and felt powerless to stop it, because it was a “3-on-1 type of situation.” According to the player, his teammates have been engaging in this kind of behavior since last summer.

“This conduct was usually done in front of the whole team and no one intervened,” the report says.

While the victim went to campus police to report the assault, he doesn’t wish to press criminal charges at this time.

Late last year, New Mexico State suspended forward Mike Peake, who’s being investigated in connection with the fatal shooting of a student from the University of New Mexico.

Over the weekend, three players announced they were leaving the program due to the new hazing allegations. One of them, guard Kyle Feit, posted a statement on social media.

“My family instilled values in me that haven’t wavered, and at this time, I’m looking to find a place that aligns with them,” he wrote.