Tony Dungy is, as Outsports has repeatedly reported, the most publicly anti-LGBT person in NFL history.

His fight against LGBT rights and same-sex marriage knows no bounds, raising money and public perception to fight against… relationships that have absolutely zero effect on his marriage or that of anyone else.


His push to define Christianity and the Bible as anti-gay has continued as the former NFL coach and current NBC NFL analyst pushed back against someone on Twitter who dared claim that Jesus Christ would accept LGBT people.

To be clear, Dungy is absolutely 100% wrong.

The character of Jesus Christ is well-documented as loving and accepting of even people he didn’t understand. Yes, he took chains to financial cheaters, but this was not remotely the same.

Yet Dungy’s anti-gay crusade continues.

It’s particularly odd given reported suicide rates of LGBT youth. Dungy’s own family has been hit by youth suicide, so you’d think Dungy would keep to himself ideas that contribute to increased suicide-attempt rates of any population.

Regardless, we continue at Outsports to uphold the possibility of people who are LGBT to be Christian and loving of Jesus Christ. Even if cruel people like Dungy reject this.

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