Pro Wrestling VIBE, one of the most pivotal independent pro wrestling promotions empowering the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement, is closing its doors.

Founder Billy Dixon made the announcement via Twitter Monday, stating that the company’s next event, “Braumatica,” on Feb. 19 would be its last. “This started helping folks in my community affected by Speaking Out losing most of their work,” Dixon said. “Along the way, we’ve collectively created a very cool, unique legacy I’m proud of.”

Pro Wrestling VIBE can trace that legacy back to 2020’s “Butch vs. Gore” event, an LGBTQ pro wrestling show led by Dixon and consistent collaborator Lo McGrath that continues to be recognized as a statement piece of the LGBTQ pro wrestling movement. The two spun off Butch vs. Gore into the promotion that would become Pro Wrestling VIBE later that year following the dissolution of Washington, D.C.,-based Prime Time Pro Wrestling.

The company is best regarded for the unapologetically queer spaces it created at its events and Dixon’s vision for exhibiting how long-lasting elements of queer culture, specifically those of BIPOC queer and trans populations, interact with the community’s growing presence in pro wrestling. The most evocative of these creations was “Paris Is Bumping,” an annual event fusing ballroom culture and pro wrestling.

Dixon also formed “Paris Honors,” a defacto LGBTQ pro wrestling hall of fame ceremony held annually during “Paris Is Bumping” honoring LGBTQ trailblazers in the wrestling world.

Pro Wrestling VIBE also established the “Cassandro Cup”, an annual competition meant to recognize top LGBTQ wrestlers in the same way that other seminal tournaments, such as the ECWA Super 8 and King of the Indies, that highlighted top cishet wrestling talents over the last two-plus decades.

The company combined both events last year for “Pride & VIBE Weekend,” the first LGBTQ pro wrestling weekend festival. The June 2022 weekend played host to the first 30-person queer rumble match and the first all-trans femme main event in pro wrestling history.

Dixon cited difficulties with the D.C. Sports Athletic Commission and financial difficulties as the reason for the promotion’s closure. “We will never be a place where our folks are grossly underpaid/unpaid for their service,” Dixon said. “I tried my very best. Thank you to every fan, worker, staff and sponsor that has made Pro Wrestling VIBE what it is and having it last as long as it did.”

While the future of “Paris Is Bumping” as an event remains up in the air, Dixon stated that he will continue producing the “Cassandro Cup” for IWTV and GCW’s upcoming “For The Culture” event at The Collective during WrestleMania weekend.

Dixon will close out Pro Wrestling VIBE as the special referee in the “Braumatica” main event between Faye Jackson and Darius Carter on Feb. 19 at DC Brau in Washington, D.C.

“Thanks for everything, I’m truly blessed,” Dixon exclaimed. “Grapitol Region forever!”