Shelby Weldon

Outsports has spent much of the last year compiling the Outsports Power 100. It represents our selections for the most powerful and influential out LGBTQ people in sports in the United States.

When we first set out to create this list, we had hoped to have 50 people to consider. Ultimately, about 250 people landed on our consider list, with executives, athletes and coaches from every professional sports league, in addition to out LGBTQ people across college sports and members of the sports media.

While the honorees for this inaugural Outsports Power 100 make up an impressive list, the fact that about 150 didn’t make the list is a testament to the growth of LGBTQ inclusion in sports.

Everyone’s list will be different, as people take different elements of power and influence into consideration. These are Outsports’ collective selections.

This is also a snapshot in time. The list would have been different a year ago, and it will be different in a year.

You can find the list in the links below, as well as features and interviews with honorees on the list including Billie Jean King and Ilana Kloss, Baltimore Orioles executive Greg Bader, San Francisco Chronicle sports editor Christina Kahrl, professional wrestling publicist Ross Forman, and many more.

The Outsports Power 100 was compiled and written by Outsports editors and contributors Jim Buzinski, Cyd Zeigler, Brian Bell, Alex Reimer, Ken Schultz, Karleigh Webb and Shelby Weldon. Staff and contributors for Vox Media and Outsports were not considered for the list.

We hope you take pride in this impressive presence of out LGBTQ people in American sports.