AI-generated NFL boyfriends. | @umichvoter on X

Combine the NFL playoffs, AI and the imagination of a gay football fan and you get a funny series of AI images prompted to show two fans hugging and turning it into two boyfriends hugging presumably before they go and get a room.

On Saturday, during the NFL divisional playoffs, the X (formerly Twitter) account of umichvoter posted this:

“AI is crazy omg

“I said show give me a bears and packer fan hugging.”

This looks like an anniversary picture of when they first met and it’s spot-on that the Packers fan is smiling and holding the ball since Green Bay always kicks Chicago’s ass.

The success of this led to a series of similar images with two dudes (looking pretty much minted at the same twunk factory) in different jerseys.

“Are they straight?” was the question umichvoter asked while showing an AI-generated image of fans in Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers jerseys (the teams played Saturday night). Among the comments:

  • “Top/bottom determined by the game.”
  • “They are curious”
  • “NO 😭😭😭 they definitely met on grindr at the game”
  • “Nah they fukin tonight”
  • “Look like gay twins with a really large OF account”

Umichvoter is a terrific account that’s a regular follow for me, run by a 24-year-old medical student and University of Michigan graduate. The account is very heavy on politics and sports and the AI series was a nice way to inject some fun on a football-heavy weekend.

All the images he generated seemed clearly that of a gay couple (or least two guys on a date), and most of these guys would be perfect for the gay boyfriend twins Instagram account:

“Does AI only know how to make gay football fans?” one commenter asked. It certainly looks that way. I don’t know what prompts he used or what AI image generator he built these on, but the results seem pretty gay to me.

I am far from knowledgeable on even rudimentary AI text and image programs, but I tried my hand on a free image generator.

I first typed in “Kansas City Chiefs fan hugging a Buffalo Bills fan” and got:

The first two look more like players than fans, which makes it way cooler. I also had more racial and facial hair diversity than umichvoter despite not specifying anything into my prompt. And hugging was somehow translated as kissing.

I then added the words “handsome and muscular” to my prompt and got these:

That’s a funky right arm on the guy on the left.

I didn’t ask for shirtless but can’t complain.

I applaud umichvoter for his creativity in coming up with his idea, although the last one he had generated is so far-fetched that I can’t believe AI fell for it.

AI should have responded: Unable to create image, scenario implausible.