Luke Davies, left, and Jesse Baird were allegedly murdered a week ago. | Instagram

Update Feb. 27, 2024: The bodies of Luke Davies and Jesse Baird have reportedly been found, after the apparent admission of Beaumont Lamarre-Condon.

Original story, Feb. 26, 2024: The alleged double murders in Sydney of TV presenter and Australian Rules Football umpire Jesse Baird and his flight attendant boyfriend Luke Davies have riveted Australia the past week. Policeman Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who once dated Mr Baird, has been charged with two counts of murder in a crime one investigator called a “crime of passion.”

Baird, 26, and Davies, 29, vanished a week ago after leaving a Mardi Gras party in Sydney. Lamarre-Condon turned himself in a few days later after he was publicly linked to their disappearance and charged with double murder. The bodies of Baird and Davies have not been found despite an extensive search over the weekend.

Local authorities allege that Lamarre killed the couple on Monday and hired a van to get rid of the bodies that evening. Two days later, items belonging to the alleged victims including clothing, a watch, and a credit card were found in a dumpster. The objects reportedly had blood on them.

Investigators then went to Baird’s home where police found a large amount of blood. On Friday, police also revealed that they recovered a “projectile” at the scene which ballistic tests linked to Lamarre’s service weapon. The firearm was later found in a police gun safe, according to 9 News. Baird and Davies’ bodies have not yet been found.

Lamarre-Condon was in a relationship with Baird until a couple of months ago, which is one reason police are investigating the case as a crime of passion. The accused was also a prominent celebrity blogger for his site “That’s the Tea,” photographed with the likes of Taylor Swift. In 2014, he was invited backstage to meet with Lady Gaga after she read on stage a note he passed to her saying she gave him the strength to come out as gay.

Baird started as an Aussie Rules umpire in 2020 and officiated 62 matches. League officials confirmed that he failed to show up for a scheduled match last week and issued a statement upon learning of his and Davies’ deaths.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the distressing news today regarding Jesse Baird and his partner Luke Davies,” the statement said.

“As the police investigation continues we understand it is a very upsetting and confronting time for all involved especially for Jesse and Luke’s families and those at the AFL who had a relationship with Jesse through his umpiring.

“Jesse was a popular and respected member of our AFL umpiring family, having begun his umpire journey in 2011 in the Northern Football and Netball League, before moving to Queensland in 2017 and then making his debut on the AFL umpiring list in 2020.

“In 2023 Jesse moved to Sydney for work and to continue his AFL umpiring career, which spanned 62 AFL matches, including two finals.

“We will continue to offer support to Jesse’s family and counselling to any of our team members in umpiring and the wider AFL football department regarding the news today.

“The entire AFL family’s thoughts are with both Jesse and Luke’s families, as well as our umpiring and broader team during this very difficult time.”