Jazze Parry (left) and Brand had only appeared once before as La Maison Mere before their success in Paris | Océane Ferreira

France’s burgeoning independent wrestling scene played host to another historic moment for LGBTQ pro wrestling on Saturday when out pro wrestlers Jazze Parry and Brand, collectively known as La Maison Mère, captured the Wrestling Pro Essonne Tag Team titles.

The win made La Maison Mère, which translates to The Mother House, the first all-LGBTQ tag team to hold tag team gold in the history of French professional wrestling.

Parry and Brand notched the landmark win by toppling then-champions Kuro and Ravage, representatives of WPE’s Les Niouks stable, during the promotion’s event at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show convention.

The duo became the first all-LGBTQ tag team in French wrestling history earlier this year, debuting their new partnership at Rixe Catch in January. It was their only previous match together before claiming gold in Paris over the weekend.

Parry (right) responded to critics on Instagram after the tag team’s triumph | Océane Ferreira

Both mothers reflected on social media in the wake of their achievement.

“My first desire was to prove that it was possible to be who I am while also becoming a champion. And you know what, folks? La Maison Mère achieved it in just two matches,” Brand said via X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Can’t tell me nothing about me, your opinion is unvalid. ‘Jazze, you ain’t got enough talent.’ ‘Jazze, I don’t like your character.’ ‘Jazze, you’re too vulgar.’ ‘Jazze, we don’t want you or Brand in the game,’” Parry said via Instagram. “Jazze gets a title. Oh, I thought you said sum-.”

Unfortunately, the title reign was shortlived as the duo lost the titles during WPE’s Sunday event at the convention, but that cannot erase Parry and Brand’s place in the lineage of pro wrestling.

Outsports congratulates La Maison Mère on their achievement and continuing to show that Courage is Contagious.